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Confirmed: The most powerful tool for occupational fraud detection

Fraud. It’s something every business fears. While the tactics and tools they use may change over time, fraudsters are an ever-present threat to organisations of every size.  The prevention and early detection of fraud can be the difference between success, survival and insolvency.   As too many know, discovering fraud at the hands of a…

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The Merits of ‘Axe to Grind’ Whistleblowing Reports

The misuse of the word ‘malicious’ in whistleblowing laws and policies can misguide the handling of ‘axe to grind’ reports.   When Dale Horne of Whistle Blowers Ethics Hotline asked me to share my thoughts on the subject of ‘malicious reporting’ by anonymous whistleblowers, I jumped at the chance.   As an ethics consultant, I…

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Do’s & Don’ts for Employers: Encouraging Employee Whistleblowing

You pride yourself on running an ethical organisation, you know that unethical conduct in your ranks is inevitable at some stage, and you would rather hear about it via your hotline than a hashtag. Regulators around the world are offering eye-watering financial incentives to insiders who lift the corporate veil on your inner dealings. Business…

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The ABC’s of Corruption – A Guide for Employers

In this post-Zondo Commission era, South African organisations are more aware than ever of the catastrophic reputation consequences that follow revelations of unethical business activity. Are you confident that no corruption is taking place within your organisation? Or between it and your suppliers, customers and other third parties?   Whether you answered YES, NO, or…

Taking a closer lookThe Duty to Inform

3B of the Protected Disclosures Act of South Africa as amended

When South Africa strengthened its Protected Disclosures Act of 2000 (‘the PDA’) in a wide-reaching Amendment Act gazetted in August 2017, it introduced an obligation on employers to provide ‘employee or worker’ whistleblowers with written feedback according to very specific time-frames. Now almost five years on, we still find that employers who have incorporated the…

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Ethics hotline valuable weapon in protection of our flora and fauna

With the 2022 World Wildlife Day call for the application of innovative measures for the protection of wildlife, we take a look at the growing and gratifying role that Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd is playing in national parks and game reserves on the African continent with their ethics hotline.   It’s a challenge faced by…

Managing Whistleblowing: Compass On A Sheet Of Numerical DataISO 37002

ISO 37002: Valuable guidelines for managing whistleblowing

Responsible for receiving and responding to or managing whistleblowing reports in an organisation?   Increasingly concerned that your whistleblower report handling will be found wanting?   You’re not alone. How you handle a whistleblowing report can have significant implications for both your organisation and your whistleblowers. It’s a growing realisation that is keeping executives up…

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Anti-deterrence: The gaping hole in your whistleblowing policy?

It takes as little as a strategic pause, a pointed look, perhaps a slight arch of the eyebrow, and the job is done. Your employees have the message loud and clear. Speak up about wrongdoing in the team, and they risk the wrath of their first-line leader.   Yes. All your efforts at creating a…

SafeLine-EX Standard CertificateBest Practices

Independent ethics hotline certification achieved for 12th year

Achieving a 12th consecutive SAFELINE-EX certification based on our performance over the past 12 months means a great deal to the Whistle Blowers Ethics Hotline team.   The challenging circumstances of 2020 put our investment in people and in advanced technology to the test – and there was no faltering in our delivery of a…

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Undertaking Workplace Investigations Into Whistleblower Reports

A striking feature of our client engagement during 2019 has been the increase in client enquiries about effective workplace investigations and how best to investigate the contents of their hotline reports.   What’s driving heightened focus on internal misconduct investigations?   This heightened focus on best practices in the undertaking of workplace investigations is in…

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Three essential insights for your whistleblowing management strategy

Strengthen your whistleblowing management strategy in 2019 with the benefit of key insights that light the path for leaders committed to creating workplace cultures of ethics and integrity.   In this article we summarize crucial outcomes from three sources published as 2018 was drawing to a close: two research studies and one case that gave…

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Why People Don’t Speak Up at Work

Why don’t people speak up at work? Someone must have known, but they failed to speak up. If they had, your financial and other losses may have been a lot less.   Surely, in an age of hard-earned business reputations being ruined in a day, and in which one large fraud can be the last…