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Undertaking Workplace Investigations Into Whistleblower Reports

November 05, 2019

A striking feature of our client engagement during 2019 has been the increase in client enquiries about workplace investigations and how best to investigate the contents of their hotline reports.   What’s driving heightened focus on internal misconduct investigations?   This heightened focus on best practices in the undertaking of workplace investigations is in fact…

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Three essential insights for your whistleblowing management strategy

February 17, 2019

Strengthen your whistleblowing management strategy in 2019 with the benefit of key insights that light the path for leaders committed to creating workplace cultures of ethics and integrity.   In this article we summarize crucial outcomes from three sources published as 2018 was drawing to a close: two research studies and one case that gave…

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Why People Don’t Speak Up at Work

August 06, 2018

Why don’t people speak up at work? Someone must have known, but they failed to speak up. If they had, your financial and other losses may have been a lot less.   Surely, in an age of hard-earned business reputations being ruined in a day, and in which one large fraud can be the last…

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Dos & Don’ts Of Encouraging Employee Whistleblowing

June 04, 2018

You pride yourself on running an ethical organisation, you know that unethical conduct in your ranks is inevitable at some stage, and you would rather hear about it via your hotline than a hashtag. Regulators around the world are offering eye-watering financial incentives to insiders who lift the corporate veil on your inner dealings. Business…

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Detect and Prevent Occupational Fraud

May 08, 2018

It’s an even year, which means that all who work towards the minimisation of occupational fraud look forward to publication by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) of its biennial ‘Report to the Nations’.   The recently-released 2018 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse is based on 2690 cases in 125 countries, the…

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Applying ‘Duty to Inform Whistleblower’ Provisions of the PDA

April 10, 2018

When South Africa strengthened its Protected Disclosures Act of 2000 (‘the PDA’) in a wide-reaching Amendment Act gazetted in August 2017, it introduced an obligation on employers to provide ‘employee or worker’ whistleblowers with written feedback according to very specific time-frames.   In some instances giving feedback is an impossible and even inadvisable action, in…

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Amendments to South Africa’s Protected Disclosures Act

February 22, 2018

Are you aware of the significant additions to South Africa’s Protected Disclosures Act and their implications for your organisation? In this article we bring you the whys and whats of key amendments enacted in August 2017, equipping you to take what by now may be urgent action. It’s likely that at least one of these…

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Whistleblowers partner with AfriSecure Confex

September 14, 2016

We are just shy of a month out from one of the most educational events in the risk and security industry in Southern Africa. Hosted at Vodacom World in Johannesburg on the 11th and 12th October 2016, the AfriSecure Confex looks to take the industry by storm by bringing together some of the top minds…

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Whistle Blowers Partners With AfriSecure Conference & Exhibition 2016

July 28, 2016

A first of its kind in Southern Africa, AfriSecure is a unique combination of exhibition and conference to match the need for knowledge and display in an all encompassing event for the security and safety industry in Southern Africa.           Through careful research and assisted conceptualization, the event aims to meet…

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2016 ACFE Report to the Nations Global Study

April 26, 2016

According to the 2016 ACFE Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse: Victim organisations that lacked anti-fraud controls, like a Whistleblowing Hotline suffered greater losses – in fact twice as MUCH!!! A typical organisation loses 5% of annual revenues to occupational fraud. Source of Tips As tips are the most common detection method,…

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Economic Crime: A South African Pandemic

March 16, 2016

Economic crime remains a serious challenge to business leaders, government officials and private individuals in South Africa according to The PwC Global Economic Crime Survey 2016. In this survey it was found that the trend has remained unchanged from 2014, with 69% of South African respondents indicating that they had experienced some form of it…

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EthicsSA Certification of Whistle Blowers!

February 16, 2016

We are proud to announce that, for the sixth consecutive year, Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd received EthicsSA certification by the Ethics Institute of South Africa! We are continuously working on strengthening our systems and procedures, ensuring quality reports, ongoing communication and a professional service. EthicsSA has certified Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd as meeting the External…