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‘Commitment is what transforms
a promise into a reality’


Abraham Lincoln

‘The ability to assure the governing body, regulators and other stakeholders that your organisation’s ethics hotline management practices meet best practice standards is growing. When instances of unethical conduct in an organisation are exposed, a bright spotlight is being shone on the defensibility of and deficiencies in an organisation’s integrity management practices.’

– South African Board of People Practices ‘Managing Your Ethics Hotline’ Fact Sheet, 2019

The certification of Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd. by The Ethics Institute is your assurance that every aspect of our service meets or exceeds current best practices in the provision of outsourced ethics hotline services. It’s a certification we first attained in 2010 and have maintained, annually, ever since.

Being measured by an independent institute against the exacting requirements of the TEI Safe Reporting Procedure Standard for external providers, SAFELINE-EX, both our clients and their whistleblowers can have assurance of our:

  • Independence, integrity and performance
  • Effective and professional report management
  • Secure identity and data protection systems and practices

Learn more about the comprehensive SAFELINE-EX standard and the assurance it gives you by downloading this detailed explanation of its best practices against which Whistle Blowers is assessed annually.

The standard is based on five principles or ‘guiding norms’: integrity, efficiency, independence, protection and availability. As you can read, each principle is accompanied by a norm description and a detailed list of criteria that outsourced hotlines must satisfy to meet it.

If you currently operate an in-house ethics hotline you can assess your existing system against the equivalent standard for internally-managed systems: the SafeLine-IN standard which you can find here. As you will see, it is no wonder that the world over organisations are choosing to outsource their internal whistleblowing services to specialist providers who have the resources and expertise to meet these strict criteria.

As the standard used to assure ethics hotlines by The Ethics Institute evolves with changing legislation and international best practices, our annual recertification is your assurance that Whistle Blowers meets the highest standards in ethics hotline service provision.

Contact us for a copy of our latest assurance certificate.

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