in the Workplace

Do you suspect corruption in your company?

A way for employees to anonymously report corruption in the workplace.

Whistle Blowers offer a practical fraud prevention solution by providing employees with the tools to report fraud in the workplace.Having access to a fraud hotline and educating staff on how to report fraud will help to ensure the support from all employees of the company.

A key component of an anti-corruption strategy is having guidelines around the reporting of corruption and how the organisation responds to such activity. Whistle Blowers offer an anti-corruption hotline service whereby all employees are treated with the utmost confidentiality and they are able to report on corruption without fear of harassment or intimidation.

43% of fraudulent activity in the workplace is uncovered by employees themselves;

these statistics can be improved upon by educating on anti-corruption and will encourage more members of the organisation to blow the whistle on corruption and other criminal activity.

Your company will receive a unique free-call number to access our 24 hour call centre

Your staff can report on corruption using multiple languages and channels such as a free-call number, online reporting, fax, email and SMS

Your staff are guaranteed anonymity

Your staff will be educated about corruption and the importance of reporting incidents

You will receive professional advice on how to deal with all disclosures

We have a number of promotional material options avaliable to help publicise the reporting channels

We provide training workshops in a variety of languages to help create awareness and educate all employees on the Whistle Blowers facility

Your calls will be screened for potential malicious activity

Our service is annually certified against best practices in the delivery of ethics hotlines by the Ethics Institute

We are an independent service provider established in 2000

Did you know that 80% of company thefts are from within the organisation?

So don’t hesitate, contact us today to find out how you can prevent corruption in your workplace with our anonymous whistleblowing service.


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