Independent ethics hotline certification achieved for 12th year

Achieving a 12th consecutive SAFELINE-EX certification based on our performance over the past 12 months means a great deal to the Whistle Blowers Ethics Hotline team.


The challenging circumstances of 2020 put our investment in people and in advanced technology to the test – and there was no faltering in our delivery of a 24/7 multichannel hotline service to our clients, or in the protection of the identities of the record number who made reports of unethical activity via our service during the year.


Delivering an ethics hotline service in 16 languages across six continents might be our daily preoccupation, but doing so under hard lockdown conditions required a fast deployment of secure contingency plans – that worked.


SAFELINE-EX is a set of best-practice norms and standards for the provision of an independent, external safe reporting facility to organisations. A certification undertaken by The Ethics Institute (TEI), the SAFELINE-EX best-practice norms include the integrity, efficiency and independence of the service, and the protection provided to whistleblowers.


While the norms and associated standards share two objectives, ensuring excellent service and the protection of whistleblowers, the comprehensive audit examines every aspect of the service’s capability, practices and performance.


Read the full details of the stringent standards that TEI assesses us against  – a highly recommended read if you are looking for comfort and confidence in our service. For those responsible for governance and compliance in an organisation, the standards are a valuable when accounting for your ethics hotline service to your Board and its Committees.


At a time when the media spotlight is shining on the mistreatment of and retaliation against whistleblowers at the hands of employers, it gives us great pride to serve the many public and private sector organisations that are committed to providing both their own people and those in their supply chains a secure way to report unethical conduct.


If you are not already a Whistle Blowers Ethics Hotline client, learn more about us via our website at, and contact Managing Director Dale Horne with any business enquiries. We would love to hear from you.

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