Whistleblowers Legal Protection

In a recent article published by Transparency International, it has come to light that the international whistle blower movement is at the point of no return.  Whistle blowers around the world have the right for legal protection and their demands are being met and laws are being made.  As these protections expand, whistle blowers will have greater assurances that if they come forward and report wrongdoing, they will not suffer the consequence of committing the truth.

Many countries throughout the world have passed new or strengthened existing laws to protect whistle blowers and as a result more people feel confident to report a wide range of crimes.   Without these improved laws, citizens can put themselves at risk of being fired, suspended or even harassed for exposing wrongdoing.   Whistle blowers have saved millions of stolen and lost funds and exposed some of the largest cases of corruption.

We continue to commend the bravery of each and every whistle blower around the world who has made a difference to the lives of others by coming forward.  For more information read the full “Year Of The Whistleblower” article.

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