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CuffsWhistle Blowers South Africa is a powerful, cost-effective intelligence gathering subscription service, which would provide a means for the employees, clients and suppliers of the client company to report any irregular activities which may be taking place within the organization.

These irregular activities could include, but are not restricted to, theft, fraud, bribery, unethical practices and any other unlawful or dishonest activity. With the extensive supporting resources of Justicia Investigations, if requested, Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltdoffers a service that is unequalled in its comprehensiveness and is accredited to the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

Historically, hot lines” or corruption lines” have not always realized the expected response due to the lack of intensive reinforcing. Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltdutilizes an implementation program that makes the difference and ensures that you get commitment from your employees.

The concept and underlying principles of the services offered by Whistle Blowers is not a new phenomenon in South Africa, but our uniquely holistic approach and multi-disciplinary services offered to our clients are the most significant differentiating factors and embrace the basis of our service.

Similar projects are in operation internationally and research indicates that approximately one million reported cases have been resolved resulting in the recovery of goods and losses in excess of $4 billion to date as a result of information received from whistle blowers. South Africa, however, has very unique circumstances that require unique and innovative solutions.

Following many months of research and development, including consultations with the country’s most experienced crime fighters and industrial relations practitioners, Whistle Blowers developed a specifically designed product for the South African market. Hence, we are convinced that our product, supplemented by our uniquely holistic approach, will not only address the requirements of any organisation, regardless of the nature of business or industry sector, but will also add value to the organisation.

Various surveys on fraud and corruption have been undertaken both internationally and in South Africa with startling results. However, both the South African public and private sector have often been retardant in introducing and implementing proactive anti-crime measures. Instead, virtually all statistics of fraud and corruption in South Africa, and investigations undertaken, are reactive.

Our service, is subsequent support thereof by our highly skilled and multi-disciplined staff, therefore designed to help the client company implement a proactive information gathering facility.

The findings of a business crime survey conducted in South Africa as part of an international survey involving nine other countries concluded that fraud and corruption are serious crime problems impacting on the profit margins of businesses and on the ability of the public sector to deliver the services required by the people of South Africa.  This has detrimental effects on economic growth, investment and development in South Africa.

Crime risk by organisation size:

1 – 10 11 – 49 50+
Employee theft (%) 10.1 26.1 63.8
Employee fraud (%) 9.8 19.6 70.6
Fraud by outsiders (%) 24.6 24.0 51.4
Bribery and corruption (%) 14.7 20.0 65.3

It is evident from the statistics presented in the above table that the greater the staff complement in an organisation the greater the risk of crime within that organisation. Experience supports these statistics as many organisations do not regularly review their control environment and are dependent largely on audits and consultants to identify weaknesses within the organisation. Management has historically failed to utilise the most effective resource within their organisation, i.e. their own employees to identify any irregularities, reduce the susceptibility to the risk of fraud and theft within the organization, and maintain a standard of ethical business practices.

This is where the services offered by Whistle Blowers are so effective as the service involves the entire work force within the organisation and all other stakeholders.

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