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Why Use Us?

Tips are the number 1 identifier of Fraud and Occupational Abuse according to the ACFE Report to the Nation 2016 Global Study!

You are more likely to identify criminal activity in your business by guaranteeing the anonymity and protection of whistleblowers with a Whistle Blowers hotline.



Servicing the corporate industry for the past 18 years with the certification of the Ethics Institute for the 8th consecutive year, gives clients confidence that they are dealing with an ethical and trustworthy organisation.

Global Footprint

Wherever your operations are globally, Whistle Blowers is in a position to offer our services. We currently service organisations in 25 countries and are still expanding.

18 years experience

We focus solely on whistleblowing and have been trusted for more than 18 years by our clients and whistleblowers in handling confidential disclosures.

Reporting Mechanisms

Each client receives a unique free call telephone number to access our call centre for verbal reports, and an SMS short code facility, email address, postal address and fax number for written reports. Alternatively, a whistle blower can submit a written report via this website – online reporting, assuring anonymity of the sender.

24 Hour Call Centre

A 24-hour call centre is offered as standard. All calls are fielded by multi-lingual operators, trained to obtain the maximum relevant information from the informant. Operators, furthermore, task informants to obtain additional information for complete disclosure. Whistle Blowers is also equipped with a panel of topic specialists and language specialists to field incoming calls.

No calls are answered by an answering service.

Help Publicise the Fraud Reporting Channels

Signage can be posted within participating sites in the form of full-colour, laminated posters, booklets, whistles and lanyards, key rings, business cards, telephone and computer stickers or other marketing options listed. Further specific publicising can be customised according to client requirement and specification.


Whistle Blowers covers all of the 11 official South African languages and much more.

Malicious Calls

With experienced and highly trained personnel, we are equipped to distinguish malicious calls, that allows the protection of innocent parties and saves the client unnecessary admin.

Culture of Awareness

We have an in-house training team that can assist clients with the implementation of a whistleblowing programme. This is a cost effective mechanism in educating employees on issues regarding whistleblowing as well as the simple processes of making anonymous disclosures. An effective training programme motivates employees to make use of the facility and dispels the fear factor of making a confidential disclosure.


You will have access to a range of reporting platforms, making disclosures easy and accessable to all levels of whistleblowers.


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"Promoting Ethics & Honesty in your organisation"

Protecting Whistleblowers for over 18 years. Certified member of the Ethics Institute. Global footprint in over 25 countries. Most experienced independent hotline service provider. Experienced in taking over existing hotlines.