Keeping Your Whistleblowing Hotline “Top-Of-Mind”

In the measurement of the effectiveness of whistleblowing hotlines, it is clearly shown that companies continually creating awareness of this facility amongst all levels of staff, get the best results from the hotline.

Keep Whistleblowing Top Of Mind

An example of the impact that training, awareness and marketing material had on a Whistle Blowers client.

Periodically reminding employees, suppliers and other stakeholders about the hotline facility within your organisation and the avenues made available for reporting unethical behaviour, increases usage of the facility, due to it remaining top-of-mind. This offers the company comfort in the fight against dishonesty or unethical behaviour, knowing that all role players are included in the crime-fighting fold. Whistle Blowers provides advice on effective awareness campaigns whether conducted internally by a company or by Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd.

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