Thuli Madonsela and Whistle Blowers talking the same language.

Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela said on Tuesday that the current whistle-blower protection law contains gaps that need to be plugged.

“Apart from the narrow jurisdiction, there were other shortcomings, including the fact that the Protected Disclosures Act did not expressly define what would constitute retaliatory action by those in positions of power against those who dared to lift the lid on wrongdoing,” she said, according to a statement from her office. Read more…

Dale Horne, Operations Director of Whistle Blowers, said recently while commenting on the PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Global Economic Crime Survey just how crucial it is to provide both employers and employees with a trustworthy and effective means of identifying and reporting commercial crime. The protection of whistle blowers is a key to the success of this company. The 2014 survey indicated that economic crime remained a serious challenge to business leaders, government officials and private individuals in South Africa with 69 percent experiencing some form of economic crime in the last 24 months. It also showed one of the most disturbing increases in this sort of crime in South Africa since 2009. 





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