The purpose of whistleblowing is to eradicate unethical behaviour in the workplace.

A key component to workplace ethics and behavior is integrity, or being honest and doing the right thing at all times which highlights the importance and purpose of Whistleblowing

25% of employees would steal, 25% would never steal, 50% could go either way depending on culture. – M J Comer

Organisations can create a whistleblowing culture by having a personal code of ethics, using hotlines, having an ethical committee, engaging in periodic ethics training and doing an annual ethical audit.

“It is believed that whistleblowers are not any different from other employees. They do not seem to be at a higher stage of moral development, nor are they either more or less loyal to the company than their peers. Instead they tend to be people who happen to know about the wrongdoing and believe that by acting they can do something to stop it.” – Hellriegel, Jackson, Slocum, Staude and Associates

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