How corrupt is South Africa?

A new index looking at corruption in South Africa as well as justice, aims gives insight into how people experience rule of law in everyday life – in South Africa and around the world.

The WJP Rule of Law Index 2015 is based on data from 100,000 house hold and expert surveys in 102 countries and jurisdictions.

“The Index is the world’s most comprehensive data set of its kind and the only to rely solely on primary data, measuring a nation’s adherence to the rule of law from the perspective of how ordinary people experience it,” WJP said.

Of the 102 countries measured, South Africa ranks 36th, on par with countries including Hungary and Croatia, but far below global leaders, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

South Africa ranks third in Africa, below Botswana and Ghana, which rank 31st and 34, respectively.

The link below is a more detailed breakdown of corruption in South Africa and how it ranks in each indicator.

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