How can whistleblowing reduce your workplace crime?

The Ethics Resource Center (ECR), found that in companies with comprehensive ethics and compliance programmes in place to reduce workplace crime, only 29 percent of employees fail to report misconduct they observe, in contrast to 61 percent in companies with no formal ethics and compliance programmes.  Nevertheless, still less than 40 percent of employees state that their company has a comprehensive programme in place.


Reduce Workplace Crime With Whistleblowers: Silver Whistle On A Blue String

The same survey found that ethical misconduct is, in general, very high with 56 percent of employees witnessing ethical misconduct.

The Proactive Approach to reduce your workplace crime:

Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd is more than just your 24/7 hotline!

Whistle Blowers (PTY) Ltd offers a 24/7 free call facility enabling employees or third parties to anonymously blow the whistle on irregularities within the subscribing company.

You are more likely to identify criminal activity in your business by guaranteeing the anonymity and protection of whistleblowers with an Independent whistleblowing hotline accredited by the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

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