In terms of Whistle Blowers standard contract, each client receives a unique, dedicated freecall number to our technologically advanced, fully computerized, live, multilingual manned call centre for verbal reports, and an e-mail address, postal address and fax number for written reports.

All irregularities disclosed to our call centre are reported to designated parties, stipulated in the contract.


  • A whistleblower can also submit a written report via our web portal,, assuring anonymity of the sender.
  • Our operators are briefed on the requirements of each client and will action all calls accordingly.
  • Whistle Blowers are also equipped with specialist investigators in a variety of disciplines who can field calls requiring specialist knowledge.
  • Reports, for those not in an office environment, can be accommodated by SMS, including the SMS CALL ME function.
  • Catering for the hearing impaired, full reports can be submitted via SMS, fax, by post or email.

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