Gearing Up For A Thrilling Involvement In 2013 The Put Foot Rally

Put Foot Rally

Put Foot Rally

Every day we send our children to school in a pair of shoes without a thought to those kids who are less fortunate and often have to walk for kilometres without shoes.   The vision of The Put Foot Foundation is to put shoes on the millions of children in South Africa that do not have them, not only once but for good, restoring HOPE, PRIDE and DIGNITY in our country’s neediest learners.

Whistle Blowers is so privileged and excited to be a team sponsor of The Put Foot Rally and has partnered with Barons VW on this extraordinary adventure to raise awareness of The Put Foot Foundation and to raise funds for those less fortunate. If Barons VW gets 10,000 like on their Facebook Page then they’ll donate R100,000.

This epic rally starts on the 18th June, spans across 5 countries, 8000km and over 18 days!  What a truly incredible adventure and amazing way experience Africa for such a worthy cause.  Everybody at Whistle Blowers encourages you to get involved – and best of all, enjoy watching the crazy adventures of this rally unfold.

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