Whistleblower Protection


The success of Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd from 2000 has been based on the professionalism and skill of its staff in being able to protect the identity of a whistleblower.  Whistle Blowers realises that the Protected Disclosures Act, Act 26 of 2000 (“the Act”) aptly dubbed the Whistle Blowers Act, plays a large role in protecting the whistleblower against OCCUPATIONAL DETRIMENT (however, does not protect the identity of a whistleblower).

Whistle Blowers bridges the gap and offers total protection to the whistleblower. Whistle Blowers will protect the identity of a whistleblower at all costs. The experience of the directors of Whistle Blowers, gained during their many years within specialised police units, handling sensitive information, has led to a skilled team at Whistle Blowers being able to gather accurate information to get to the bottom of a particular investigation, without exposing the identity of a whistleblower. The trust relationship between the whistleblower and the Whistle Blowers staff is regarded as of the utmost importance and the whistleblower is guided throughout the process of supplying information. At no time would Whistle Blowers make the identity of a whistleblower known.


In recent times the effort and commitment from Whistle Blowers’ clients in induction and training of Whistle Blowers policies and procedures, has given employees confidence in knowing that their identity will be protected and therefore a large number of whistleblowers are comfortable in supplying Whistle Blowers with their contact details, resulting in ongoing communication between the whistleblower and Whistle Blowers in gathering accurate information.

History shows us that from time to time whistleblowers feel comfortable dealing with trusted people within an organisation or external investigators and this may sometimes be necessary to get to the bottom of an investigation. Whistle Blowers would facilitate such an interaction by obtaining the necessary information or contact details of the trusted 3rd party for the whistleblower to make contact at their own discretion. Whistle Blowers accreditation with the Ethics Institute of South Africa and the audits done, which include lie detector tests done on Whistle Blowers staff, gives whistleblowers even more confidence in coming forward, knowing their identity will be kept confidential.

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