About the Whistle Blowers mobile reporting application

The Whistle Blowers app is a secure, multilingual method you can use with confidence to make an anonymous, confidential report about unethical activity in any organisation that subscribes to the Whistle Blowers Pty Ltd Ethics Hotline.


Finally a reporting channel in the palm of your hand. For reporting on the go, wherever you are in the world, and in complete privacy.


Your identity is fully protected - codenames and unique report reference numbers allow you to follow-up without revealing your identity.


Whatever time of day or night you submit your report, it will receive immediate attention by a member of our team of highly-skilled information agents.


We’ve been protecting whistleblowers since our inception in 2000. Your report will be completely anonymised using stringent criteria before submission to the client.

How It Works

It’s a smart app for your smartphone - logical prompts guide your stress-free information sharing

Stage 1

Tell us in which organisation and where in it the matter you are reporting is occurring

Group 345
Group 346

Stage 2

We will guide you through logical steps that help you explain the matter as best you can

Stage 3

If you have evidence to submit you will be able to upload this or send it in via another method

Group 347
Group 348

Stage 4

You give us a secret code name to use so you can follow up on your report anonymously

Stage 5

You can go back through the screens to add to your report, and just tap to submit it when ready

Group 349
Group 351

Stage 6

A unique reference number will confirm its receipt, and we explain how to follow up on the report

For a more detailed guide to using the Whistle Blowers app you can watch our ‘How To’ video here

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