Whistle Blowers has grown from strength to strength over the past 15 years where we now have an international footprint boasting a large number of clients, listed, as well as medium and small enterprises. With a global footprint, presently providing hotline facilities to companies in over 25 countries, we are proud to have partnered with our clients in providing facilities that suit their needs and are reliable.



Every business sector is accommodated and our client base includes businesses, including listed and privately owned companies, from the following business, industry or organisational sectorsAgriculture, Arbitration, Audit, Broadcasting, Cleaning, Construction, Education, Energy, Fishing, Finance, Fresh Produce and Meat, Funeral, Hospitality, Investment, Forensic Investigation, IT, Logistics, Manufacturing, Medical and Medical Aids, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Plant Hire, Property, Retail, Refineries, Regulatory Boards, Restaurants, Shipping, Security, Telecommunications, Transportation, Vehicle Dealerships, Water & Utilities, Municipalities and the Government sector.

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