Why have a whistleblowing hotline?
In recent years, credible research has shown that over 80% of company theft and fraud has been committed by employees and 48% of theft and fraud has been as a result of corruption involving employees.

Whilst most companies implement systems to prevent external criminal threat, they neglect to take the internal threat into account.
Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd is an independent company that offers a 24 hr service providing employees access to a communication centre that fields calls by highly trained operators in all official languages and the callers can remain anonymous.

The subscribing company is issued with a unique toll free number as well as fax, e-mail, postal and on line reporting options. Information obtained is placed in a report and forwarded to designated recipients at the company to action.
Taking this into account it makes sense for companies to provide employees the opportunity to report crime or irregularities in the work place.
This benefits the company by giving protection from both external and internal threats. Whistle Blowers helps to prevent crime in many ways and is able to provide advice on the appropriate action going forward.
Most employees who are aware of crime taking place often do not report the activity for fear of intimidation or reprisal. Whistle Blowers provides a system that provides a fast and safe means of bringing information to the fore.

This system also helps create a culture of awareness. By making use of Whistle Blowers, employees will become less afraid to report crime and be more proactive.

Whilst most companies implement systems to prevent external criminal threat, they neglect to take the internal threat into account.
With 2014 approaching and plans being made for the new
year, it is worthwhile looking to include a whistleblowing
facility in your company. This cost effective facility
should be first on a proactive company’s shopping list.
Be prepared for the new year and make contact with us soon.
We all continually read about fraud, ethics and dishonesty in our respective work environments; the media publicises enough of it.

The question that is least answered is,
“What are we doing to stop it?”
Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd is also proud to be an accredited member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.
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