The Challenge of Creating a Speak Up Culture in the Workplace

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TITLE The Challenge of Creating a Speak Up Culture in the Workplace
DATE Wednesday 18 November 2020
TIME 11:00 - 12:30
South African Standard Time
(GMT +2).

It’s one of the hottest leadership topics right now, and it should be no surprise - no leader wants to hear about ethical wrongdoing in their organisation only once it has appeared in the public domain.

Having systems in place for your people to raise their concerns and share their insights with confidence is essential - but only succeed in their objective when you successfully create an internal speak up culture.

This is easier said than done - and you need to understand why, despite your open door policy and encouragement - your people still have difficulty raising issues and sharing critical information with their line managers or HR departments.

In this webinar we bring you the latest, evidence-based insights into the challenge of creating a speak up culture.
In turn, you will be able to craft a practical action plan for immediate application.

Your Hosts

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Dale Horne

Managing Director:
Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd

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Ntokozo Mngadi

General Manager:
Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd

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Penny Milner-Smyth

Guest Speaker
Director: Ethicalways

Whistle Blowers is pleased to bring you this complimentary webinar which will feature expert input by workplace ethics and organisation behaviour specialist, Penny Milner-Smyth.

Over the past year, leaders and professionals from over 90 countries have joined this particular webinar in order to learn from Penny’s evidence-based insights.

Penny is the Director of Ethicalways, a content development partner of Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd, providing advisory and training services to organisations seeking to instil a culture of workplace integrity.

She is the author of the International Compliance Associations Specialist Programme in Anti-Corruption offered worldwide, and is a regular writer and speaker on topics related to ethics and anti-corruption.

As a registered Master HR Practitioner, Penny is the accredited ethics programme facilitator for the professional board for Human Resources, the SABPP. You can learn more about Penny here and about Ethicalways here.


Bonus input from Ntokozo Mngadi who will share with you how the Whistle Blowers Information Agents are trained and equipped to put callers at ease and elicit actionable information for client organisations.


Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd is a specialist, independent ethics hotline service provider, serving both public and private sector organisations on six of the world’s seven continents. Since 2000, South African-based Whistle Blowers has provided anonymity to whistleblowers and valuable information about suspected and actual ethics risk to organisations now operating in over 35 countries.