Why Use Us?

Ethics-SA - Accreditation Logo

Accredited member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa

This accreditation indicates the levels of compliance that Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd adheres to, giving our clients and potential whistleblowers confidence in our service.


We are an independent service provider with over 15 years’ experience

We focus solely on whistleblowing and have been trusted for more than 15 years by our clients and whistleblowers to handling confidential disclosures.


Global Footprint

With a global footprint, presently providing hotline facilities to companies in over 25 countries, we are proud to have partnered with our clients in providing reliable facilities that suit their needs.


Multiple Reporting Channels

Each client receives a unique freecall telephone number to access our call centre for verbal reports, and an SMS short code facility, email address, postal address and fax number for written reports. Alternatively, a whistle blower can submit a written report via this website – online reporting, assuring anonymity of the sender.


24 Hour Call Centre

A 24-hour call centre is offered as standard. All calls are fielded by multilingual operators, trained to obtain the maximum relevant information from the informant. Operators furthermore task informants to obtain additional information for complete disclosure. Whistle Blowers is also equipped with a panel of topic specialists and language specialists to field incoming calls.

No calls are answered by an answering service.


Guaranteeing Anonymity and Protection of the Whistleblower

Callers are given the opportunity to remain anonymous. In this instance, the caller is given the option of providing a code name or the operator assigns a unique reference code in case of future calls or a claim of a reward.

All calls are recorded for operational purposes and future reference of our office only. Under no circumstances will Whistle Blowers make recordings available to clients or any individual other than management of Whistle Blowers. Under no circumstances are any parties other than management of Whistle Blowers permitted to listen to recordings, to avoid voice recognition by a third party.

All our trained and experienced operators sign strict secrecy and confidentiality documents and are further monitored periodically using truth verification testing.


Create a Culture of Awareness

Whistle Blowers prides itself on its implementation and reinforcing of the protected disclosure concept, to create a culture of awareness, thereby including all employees in the crime-fighting fold.

Presentations can be made to all employees at subscribing sites, educating them on the ultimate benefits to the company and employees of rooting out criminal elements in the workplace.

Whistle Blowers also makes presentations to labour unions involved in order to gain their support of the concept.


Reporting all Irregularities

All irregularities disclosed to our call centre are reported to designated parties.

Reports received are categorised into high, medium or low priority and are subsequently reported in the appropriate manner and within an agreed time period.

We ensure that the people designated to receive the report have adequate credibility and authority within the corporation.

Reports are made only to individuals designated in terms of our standard contract. The contract further allows for specific instructions in terms of reporting information received on various different levels of employees, including the possibility of reporting to non-executive directors, the audit committee or the external auditors.


Professional Advice

All disclosures are evaluated prior to a report being compiled. With the extensive supporting resources employed by Whistle Blowers, every attempt is made to qualify information received and provide advice on corrective action.

Help-Publicise the Fraud Reporting Channels Included in our sta

Help Publicise the Fraud Reporting Channels

Signage can be posted within participating sites in the form of full-colour, laminated posters, booklets, whistles and lanyards, key rings, business cards, telephone and computer stickers or other marketing options enlisted. Further specific publicising can be customised according to client requirement and specification.

Conduct-an On-going Awareness Programme Included in our standar

Conduct an On-going Awareness Programme

Motivational presentations can be arranged periodically to employees, management and executives, highlighting specific threats relevant to each category of the business. Through our “Train the Trainer” programme we can provide a client’s appointed staff with the skills necessary to conduct on-going internal training.

Reward-Management Whistle Blowers presently manages rewards mad

Reward Management

Whistle Blowers does not encourage the payment of rewards. However should a client feel strongly about paying a reward this can be facilitated in order to maintain the anonyminity of the whistleblower. Rewards are claimable anonymously, using the unique code name or reference supplied at the time of the anonymous disclosure.

Distinguishing-Crank Calls Call Centre Operators are trained to

Distinguishing Prank Calls

Call Centre Operators are trained to thoroughly question callers and probe all vague issues, making it unlikely for a prank caller to pursue the call. Whistle Blowers is also equipped with specialist investigators in a variety of disciplines who can field calls requiring specialist knowledge. All information received is evaluated and every attempt is made to qualify information in order to prevent any action being taken on hoax calls.

So don’t hesitate, contact us today to find out how you can prevent fraud in your workplace with our anonymous whistleblowing service.