Frequently Asked Questions

Are the calls recorded?

Yes, all calls are recorded.

Are the recordings made available to anyone?

No. The recordings are for the sole use of Whistle Blowers personnel, for reference purposes. It is too risky to allow anyone, even the client, to listen to the recordings, as they may recognize the voice of a caller, exposing the identity of the caller.

Can subscribers visit the call centre?

Yes. A subscriber can visit the call centre on condition that a confidentiality agreement has been signed. A maximum of 2 individuals will be supervised.

How do we know that the call centre personnel will keep information confidential?

Strict selection criteria and background checks are utilized in the selection process. Management also reserves the right to subject operators to profile audits and truth verification testing to determine their continued honesty and integrity.

Can my call be traced by the call centre?

With technological advances, there is an obvious risk of tracing calls back to the caller. However, with each client being provided with a free-call number, the caller can make the call from anywhere without baring any cost, therefore it is more difficult to trace to a specific person.

Surely there are many hoax calls. How are these exposed?

By thoroughly questioning the caller to obtain maximum information, the experienced operators would soon detect if the caller is merely phoning in to falsely accuse someone against whom he bares a grudge. Operators make every attempt to qualify all information received before reporting back to the client, and also provide advice on how information should be handled.

Does the concept have any incentive attached to it?

Typically no, our company does not attach any incentive to this at all. We maintain that the mere implementation and utilisation of the concept brings about the following, which we consider as adequate incentives:

  • Employment security;
  • Ensuring the continued existence of the company;
  • Transparency in the workplace;
  • Honesty;
  • The strong possibility that the company will expand and in so doing, will create more employment opportunities;
  • Contributing towards creating a stable economic climate to encourage international investment; and
  • Combating poverty.

We will however manage a client’s own internal reward programme if required.

Do you facilitate different languages?

Yes. We handle all of the official South African languages along with Arabic, French and Portuguese.

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